27 Apr 2018

First place in the group the only option to secure progress to the main draw; in the initial stage of both the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events there were surprise names that ended the third day of play, Friday 27th April, in top spots.

Notably, in the latter, there were more unexpected outcomes than predicted outcomes.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Russia ‘A’, the top seeds, represented by Elizabet Abraamian and Anna Slautina, duly finished in first place in their group as did Lithuania’s Emilije Riliskyte and Kornelija Riliskyte in an event that witnessed six groups in the initial phase; for the remained four seeds, it was farewell.

Romania ‘A’, the no.2 seeds, who fielded Luciana Mitrofan and Elena Zaharia, finished in second place behind the France ‘C’ combination of Lucy Farcy and Charlotte Lutz. Likewise for Germany ‘A’, the no.4 seeds, who selected from Sophia Klee, Naomi Pranikovic and Annett Kaufmann, it was second spot behind Russia’s Liubo Tentzer and Alina Zavarykina.

First places for France and Russia against the odds; it was the same for the Chinese combination of Yang Yingui, Jia Mengyuan and Hu Shiyao, as it was for the Romania ‘B’ partnership of Ioana Singeorzan and Patricia Ianau.

Yang Yingui, Jia Mengyuan and Hu Shiyao finished ahead of the France ‘A´ partnership of Prithika Pavade and Chloe Chomis, the no.5 seeds; Ioana Singeorzan and Patricia Ianau concluded matters with the Sweden ‘B’ duo of Nomin Baasan and Matilda Hansson in second place. The Greek partnership of Malamentina Papadimitriou and Daniela Grammatopouliu, the no.6 seeds finished in third position.

Meanwhile, in the first stage of the Cadet Boys’ Team event, the pairs to secure surprise first positions were Portugal’s Daniel Bassa and João Silva alongside Germany’s Mike Hollo and Hannes Hoermann.

Daniel Bassa and João Silva recorded a three-two win against the Czech Republic’s Simon Belik and Adam Stalzer, the no.5 seeds, to secure first place; more convincingly Mike Hollo and Hannes Hoermann beat the Slovak Republic’s Kamil Pach and Filip Delincak, the no.7 seeds, by three matches to nil, to reserve pole position.

Problems for two seeded outfits but not for the top two; China, the no.1 seeds with Xiang Peng and Kuang Li on duty finished in first place in their group in style, as did the Belgian duo of Adrien Rassenfosse and Nicolas Degros, the no.2 seeds.

Play in the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events concludes on Saturday 28th April.

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