25 Apr 2018

A seaport located in the south of Haiti, the principal exports being coffee and sugarcane, alongside bananas and timber, Les Cayes recognised World Table Tennis Day in style.

The day chosen for the celebrations was Saturday 21st April.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Organised by Buckford Demosthenes, the Secretary of the Haitian Table Tennis Federation, a most detailed schedule of events was organised.

Proceedings commenced with a march through the streets of Les Cayes. A colourful scene was the scenario with music abundant and a banner to lead the procession.

“All the children responded and attracted everyone’s attention; it was a promotional campaign for table tennis.” Buckford Demosthenes

A busy schedule appreciated by all (Photo: courtesy of Buckford Demosthenes)


Furthermore, the event underlined the resilience of the human being; on Tuesday 12th January 2010, the country suffered an earthquake which affected some three million people. It is estimated over 10,000 people lost their lives whilst some 250,000 homes and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed or were severely damaged.

“Congratulations to the Organising Committee and the clubs Tornado, Stiga, Tulip, Ayiti Ping Sid and Ashe who all supported; also my gratitude to those institutions who supported, Les Cayes Police, the many schools, Civil Protection, Ping sans Frontières, Port-au-Prince Athletes and Les Cayes Athletes. Thank you and see you next year!” Buckford Demosthenes

A step forward for Haiti (Photo courtesy of Buckford Demosthenes)


A most splendid initiative and one that underlines the value of World Table Tennis Day; it is not only a day of celebration, as was most clearly illustrated in Haiti, it was one of motivation.

Surely Buckford Demosthenes can expect new recruits to the sport.

A day to promote table tennis (Photo: courtesy of Buckford Demosthenes)
2018 World Table Tennis Day Buckford Demosthenes