15 Apr 2018

Home for the 2019 European Games, Belarus took World Table Tennis Day to its heart; on Friday 6th April innovative activities were organised.

Usually sitting courtside giving advice, for the advisors of the national team there was a change of roles; the coaches assumed the roles of players.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

In addition players from the Mini-Cadet League were present for the occasion alongside representatives of the Belgosstrakh company, Belarus 1, ONT, STV TV-channels, the Sputnik News Agency, as well as members of the 2019 European Games Organising Committee.

Bands Litesound, Naviband, Nuteki and Bez Bileta all added to the occasion as did the presence of rhythmic gymnastics star, Melitina Stanyuta.

Meanwhile for the professional players a special rule was instigated; they had to use what was usually their non-playing hand. Notably Pavel Kaputskiy and Dmitry Titov, journalists from the Belarus1 television channel won the team title.

“We are winners, because our rivals played with the wrong hand for them. Let’s be honest, if they played with the normal racket hand, we would be at home, and not standing on the pedestal. Yesterday we practised for the first time in a year, we remembered school training” Pavel Kaputskiy


All prize winners received gifts from the partners of the Federation: VTB bank and the Belgosstrakh company, as well as from the organisers of the 2019 European Games The main prize for the winners was a certificate and 500 Belarus rubles.

It was decided to transfer the money to the Youth Sports School № 2 of the city of Brest, where a group of athletes with muscular disorders play table tennis.

“Considering that the day is not only a table tennis holiday, but also the International Sports Day for the benefit of development and peace, this decision was another step towards equal opportunities in table tennis for all.” Kate Ostapenko Pressofficer of the Belarus Table Tennis Federation

After the end of proceedings, quizzes were organised; an enjoyable day was had by all.

Belarus: World Table Tennis Day – Photographs Open


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