02 Apr 2018

Located in the metropolitan region of the Chilean capital city of Santiago; earlier this year, La Pintana was the home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme and supported by the Chilean Table Tennis Federation, proceedings began on Wednesday 24th January and will conclude on Sunday 28th January.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

A total of 21 students attended under the direction of José Luis Urrita, a most active course conductor who led a most comprehensive itinerary.

“It was important to deliver the teaching and technical tools on order that the students could teach players who compete at a local level and give them good basic knowledge so the players taught have good basic knowledge in order to move to a higher level. Also the aim was to give the students the knowledge in order they can move to Level Two.” José Luis Urrita

An explanation from (bottom left) José Luis Urrita (Photo: courtesy of José Luis Urrita)


In common with all similar courses, the Para element proved most popular with José Luis Urrita underlining the necessity to treat all players equally, whatever the ability or disability.

Overall a very detailed and comprehensive schedule was concluded. José Luis Urrita paid great attention to basic coaching technical concepts- Also, he introduced physical education into the lessons whilst making sure the students were well versed in the rules and regulations of the sport.

“In order for table tennis to progress, in training you must focus on six areas: technical, tactical, psychological, physical, theoretical and nutritional.” José Luis Urrita

Overall a most successful course and there was a distinguished guest; Henry Reimberg, President of the Chilean Table Tennis Federation was a most welcome visitor; his presence proved a motivational factor.

José Luis Urrita (front) with his happy band of soldiers (Photo: courtesy of José Luis Urrita)
High Performance and Development Coaching José Luis Urrita