25 Mar 2018

The World Table Tennis Day, officially celebrated on Friday 6th April, is just around the corner; more than 200 events in 59 countries have been registered.

Notably, last year AmaTur Romania broke all records by organizing 114 events all over the country. Now they have announced the staging of 154 events in different parts of Romania. We thank AmaTur for the immense commitment to World Table Tennis Day and the sport itself.

Romina Concha Sepulveda, ITTF Foundation Community Manager

Besides Romania, the focus of attention will be at the Zaatari Refugee Camp, located on the Jordan border with Syria. The Camp was chosen to be the main event for the 2018 World Table Tennis Day and the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

The ITTF Zaatari Refugee Camp will mark the beginning of ITTF Foundation and ITTF Nittaku Dream Building for Refugees. However, there are also two more events which will be targeted for refugees and immigrants: “Ousseni tapsoba” in Burkina Faso and “Adult Migrant English Programme Table Tennis Day” in Australia.

It is the first time that the African country will organise an event. Ouagadougou is Burkina Faso’s capital city and will welcome immigrants to enjoy the day.

Importantly Australia has been present in all the editions; this time Brisbane will host an event for immigrants, refugees and students of the national Adult Migrant English Programme; its purpose is to celebrate table tennis and inclusion.

We are very pleased that every year new people are learning about our sport and very proud of how each country spares no effort to spread love for table tennis. Some companies appreciate these efforts and decided to join World Table Tennis Day providing an incentive for event organizers.

I-Pong will donate eight robots for the most popular, inclusive, universal and creative events and two I-Pong kits for event organizers. Butterfly will give equipment packages, while Table Tennis X will donate TTX equipment. Of course the well-known ITTF T-Shirts will be awarded to those sending videos.

The clock is ticking, and the World Table Tennis Day is closer and closer. Therefore, don’t wait more and register your event. Who knows if you are one of the lucky winners?

World Table Tennis Day: Official Website & Registration

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