25 Mar 2018

Home some six months ago in September for the 2017 Slovenia Junior and Cadet Open; Otocec located on the banks of the Krka River in the south east of the country, is currently the destination for another activity involving aspiring young players.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme in conjunction with the European Table Tennis Union, it is the home for the first ETTU Development Camp of the year.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Proceedings commenced on Sunday 18th March and will conclude on Sunday 25th March; the programme is being administered by Croatia’s Neven Cegnar, the Development Manager for the European Table Tennis Union

“We are very happy with the conditions. The hotel Sport is very good and the venue is only 100 metres from the hall.” Neven Cegnar

Team meeting to commence proceedings (Photo: courtesy of Neven Cegnar)


A total of 17 players and 11 coaches present for what is proving a worthwhile initiative; the head coaches are the host nation’s Joze Urh and Aleksey Yefremov of Belarus; Mateo Lejo is responsible for fitness training.

Notably Joze Urh in recent years has been the mentor of Darko Jargic; Aleksey Yefremov is much travelled having coached in such diverse countries as Guatemala, Colombia, Egypt, Peru and Spain whilst as being a regular Course Conductor for courses organised under the umbrella of the ITTF Developmemt Programme.

Brushing off the cobwebs, a bracing run (Photo: courtesy of Neven Cegnar)


The national associations represented are Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Players: Simon Belik (Czech Republic), Hana Arapovic (Croatia), Sophie Earley (Ireland), Ignas Sisanovas (Lithuania), Gabrielius Camara (Netherlands), Luiz Maciel (Portugal), Rafael Kong (Portugal), Alessi Massart (Belgium), Julie van Hauwaert (Belgium), Veranika Varabyova (Belarus), Malamatenia Papadimitriou (Greece), Nikolaousz Kizakisz (Hungary), Jakub Goldir (Slovakia), Anna Hursey (Wales), Evelin Ungvari (Hungary), Daniel Berzosa (Spain), Miriam Carnovale (Portugal)

The splendid venue, ideal for the Training Camp (Photo: courtesy of Neven Cegnar)
High Performance and Development Coaching Neven Cegnar Aleksey Yefremov Jose Urh