21 Mar 2018

Bound for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, competing on home soil, Nicolas Burgos heads the Boys’ Singles entry list at the forthcoming South American Junior and Cadet Championships; a five day tournament, play commences in the Chilean capital city of Santiago on Wednesday 21st March.

Notably, for the girls, present at the recent 2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals in Luxembourg, the leading name on duty is that of Ecuador’s Nathaly Paredes.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Nicolas Burgos is listed ahead of Argentina’s Martin Bentancor and Brazil’s Eduardo Tomoike with Leanfro Fuentes, also from Argentina, completing the top four names; for girls, next in line to Nathaly Paredes is Paraguay’s Leyla Gomez pursued by Argentina’s Camila Kaizoji and Peru’s Kelly Santur.

Equally the elite names in the Junior Boys’ Singles and Junior Girls’ Singles competitions feature prominently in the doubles events. Nicolas Burgos and colleague Andres Martinez are the Junior Boys’ Doubles top seeds, in the Junior Girls’ Doubles event it is Nathaly Paredes and colleague Emely Quinllin. Top places for Chile and Ecuador, in the Junior Mixed Doubles competition, that position is assumed by Martin Bentancor and Camila Kaizoji.

Meanwhile, in the Cadet Boys’ Singles event, the top seed is Peru’s Carlos Fernandez, he is listed ahead of Brazil’s Kenzo Carmo, colleague José Zapata and the host nation’s Jeremy Paredes. Peru leading the field, in the Cadet Girls’ Singles competition that honour is bestowed on Brazil; Giula Takahashi heads the order of merit. Colombia’s Alejandra Alzate, Chile’s Mariam Ruiz and Peru’s Maria Maldonado complete the top four names.

Similar t0 their junior counterparts, the leading names in the Cadet Boys’ Singles and Cadet Girls’ Singles events feature prominently in the doubles. Giulia Takahashi is the top seed in the Cadet Girls’ Doubles event with colleague Laura Watanabe; in the Cadet Mixed Doubles competition she occupies the same position in harness with Kenzo Carmo. Carlos Fernandez and Peruvian compatriot, Joel Cisneros are the Cadet Boys’ Doubles top seeds.

However, it is the team events that commence matters with top seeds in the singles events leading the line.

In the Junior Boys’ Team event, Chile, the top seeds, select from Nicolas Burgos, Jorge Paredes, Andres Martinez and Gustavo Castillo. Likewise with Nathaly Paredes at the helm, Emely Quinllin and Vivian Ruiz supporting, it is the top seeded position for Ecuador in the Junior Girls’ Team competition.

Notably in the Cadet Boys’ Team event as in the Cadet Girls’ Team competition, the top names are charged with leadership qualities. Carlos Fernandez is supported by Joel Cisneros, Angel Jimenez and José Zapata in the top seeded Peruvian outfit. In the Cadet Girls’ Team competition Brazil reserves first place; Giulia Takahashi joins forces witj Laura Watanable, Giovanna Girilo and Wanessa Suwi.

The top four teams in each of the Junior Boys’ Team and Junior Girls’ Team events, qualify for the Pan American Junior Championships to held in

2018 South American Junior & Cadet Championships Nicolas Burgos Nathaly Paredes

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