21 Mar 2018

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and T2 Asia Pacific (T2 APAC) have kicked off their official collaboration by hosting their first workshop on 19 March 2018 in Singapore.

ITTF led by the CEO Steve DAINTON and T2 APAC by the CEO and Commissioner Jeff CHUE, together with operational staff from both organizations, spoke about the best ways both parties can work together to achieve joint goals.

The ITTF staff were presented with the concept and vision of T2 APAC, as well as a detailed review of season one operations and a detailed update on season two preparations so the ITTF staff were updated with T2 APAC’s operations.

ITTF CEO Steve DAINTON stated: “It was good opportunity for both teams to sit together to discuss and formulate strategies so that we can mutually benefit in 2018 and beyond. There are many synergies and opportunities that can be gained by working closely together, which will hopefully benefit the promotion and commercial development of table tennis. With the ITTF’s recent improving commercial success with the commercial rights being now in-house, and a growing Commercial team and projects, we are now also well positioned to start assisting in the promotion and selling of T2 APAC.”

Both teams also discussed ways to activate the use of the innovation lab during T2 APAC match rounds to test new ideas such as ball tracking technology to improve the televised product.

T2 APAC CEO and Commissioner Jeff CHUE added: T2 APAC CEO and Commissioner Jeff CHUE added: “We couldn’t ask for a better partner than ITTF and this collaboration definitely raises the bar and adds stature to our league. As a new and unique product, we’re ever ready to innovate in order to attract more fans to table tennis and we’re nimble enough to be a test bed for new ideas coming through from ITTF.

“We also believe the ITTF can leverage on this collaboration to further enhance the global profile of table tennis. This is the very reason our founder and chairman Mr Frank JI created the T2APC and continues to be a sponsor of the ITTF World Tour.

“This synergistic partnership is in line with the singular goal of evolving table tennis into a flourishing commercial entity. It is a genuine game-changer not just for table tennis but for the sports industry.”

The first of the three T2 APAC regular season match round will start on 7 July 2018 in Pinewood Studios, Malaysia. For more information on T2 APC, visit their website: http://t2apac.com/.

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