21 Feb 2018

The first day of play complete, Tuesday 20th February, in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, at the four day 2018 Central American Junior and Cadet Championships, the event's 24th edition, Mexico emerged very much the prominent force.

Impressively in both the Junior Boys’ Team and Junior Girls’ Team events, as in the Cadet Girls’ Team competition, there was success in the opening fixtures; it was only in the Cadet Boys’ Team event where there was defeat.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

All four events organised on a group basis, the outfit to cause Mexico problems was Costa Rica; the trio comprising Alfredo Sanchez, Ricardo Azofeifa and José Perez recorded a three-nil win in opposition to Bogdan Olives, Leonardo Perez and Diego Quintal.

Impressive from Costa Rica, in the two further fixtures in the group it was impressive from Panama and from Guatemala. Led by Jacobo Vahnish, with Gabriel Lewis and Felipe Velarde in support, Panama recorded a three-one success against El Salvador’s Mateo Martinez, Walter Acuña Villalta and Edgardo Sanchez. Likewise, Guatemala’s Jorge Chacon, Sergio Carrillo and Enrique Ton offered no charity; they overcame the Belize outfit formed by Taye Parkinson, Devesh Hukmani and Jofry Oaguaga by three match to nil.

Otherwise, there was no stopping Mexico.

In the Junior Boys’ Team event, the outfit formed by Diego Vazquez, Layan Neumann and Alberto Lopez recorded a three-nil win over Guatemala’s Lionel Berrios, Roberto Diaz and Otto Ramirez. An imposing performance, it was the same in the corresponding contest, Costa’s Rica’s Daniel Araya, Bryan Solis and Steven Roman secured victory by the same margin of victory when facing the host’s Diego Orantes, Oscar Villalta and Oliver Mendez.

Meanwhile, in the one fixture completed in the Junior Girls’ Team event, a three-one win was the outcome for Mexico’s Lucia Fernandez, Clio Barcenas and Monica Muñoz when facing El Salvador’s Monica Mendoza, Karen Bolaños Constanza and Lesly Gonzalez.

An imposing performance from the Mexicans, it was the same in the Cadet Girls’ Team event where Marbella Aceves, Arantxa Cassio and Carla Montes recorded a three-nil win against Costa Rica’s Ariana Ulloa, Paul Gomes and Kiara Nuñez. In the one remaining fixture completed in the Cadet Girls’ Team competition, represented by Stefanie Orellana, Mariana Lopez and Jenny Cux, a three-one margin of victory was the outcome for Guatemala  in opposition to El Salvador’s Camila Villalta, Sara Romero and Kenny Orellana.

Overall a total of 54 boys and 23 girls appear on the entry list.

 2018 Central American Junior and Cadet Championships
Photos: courtesy of Carlos Esnard

2018 Central American Junior and Cadet Championships: Results – Tuesday 20th February


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