21 Feb 2018

New to the international scene and on duty at the Swedish Junior and Cadet Open which commenced in Örebro on Wednesday 21st February was Lucia Ostergaard.

She is 14 years old but what country do you think she is representing? If you have not studied carefully the entry list, you might need one hundred guesses before you stumble on the answer.

by Per Hällström, Press Officer, Safir International

The country in question is Argentina but Ostergaard is not a typically South American name!

“No, my dad is Danish and my mother is from Argentina.” Lucia Ostergaard

Her grandmother and grandfather live in Sweden, not far from Örebro; she has visited them several times.

In fact Lucia was not even born in Argentina but in Munich, Germany; that is where she lives; last year she was advised she could represent the South American country.

“It’s easier for me to qualify for the national team in Argentina than in Germany so I took that chance.” Lucia Ostergaard

Currently she is in the cadet age group category but she played in the Junior Girls’ Singles event in order to learn and gain experience.

Understandably, she experienced defeat; she finished in fourth place in her group behind India’s Diya Parag Chitale, Sweden’s Cornelia Jonsson and Spain’s Natalia Miramontes; the visit to Örebro being part of preparation for the South American Junior and Cadet Championships to be played next month.

“I want to have fun, enjoy, gain experience and I will do as much as I can.” Lucia Ostergaard

Argentina, in particular the capital city of Buenos Aires, is very much in focus this year; in October it will be the home for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games; however, that event is not on the agenda for Lucia Ostergaard but no doubt there are several other international events in which her name will be seen in the future and will raise eyebrows.

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