19 Feb 2018

The 2018 ITTF-Team World Cup is just a few days away with the action commencing at the Copperbox Arena in London on Thursday 22nd February. Now exciting news has emerged that the BBC, one of the most famous broadcasting corporations in the world, has agreed to show the event in its entirety.

by Simon Daish

Featuring some of the best table tennis players from across the globe, all four days of the ITTF Team World Cup will be available to watch on the BBC Sport website and via the BBC Sport App.

Sara Sutcliffe, Table Tennis England Chief Executive, has hailed the BBC’s decision to cover the proceedings at the Copperbox Arena.

“It is fantastic news that such a prestigious event as the ITTF Team World Cup will be covered live by a world-class broadcaster.” Sara Sutcliffe

The move from the BBC will enable many more table tennis fans from across the United Kingdom to witness the excitement and drama of the ITTF Team World Cup and Sara Sutcliffe is of the opinion that the news demonstrates that the sport is beginning to receive more recognition from the media.

“It was of key importance to us and the ITTF that, as well as thousands of spectators watching the action at the Copper Box, countless more would be able to see live broadcast coverage. The nationwide reach of the BBC ensures that this will be possible… It shows that table tennis is recognised by broadcasters as an exciting, telegenic sport which they want to bring to a wider audience.” Sara Sutcliffe

Another part of the deal will see the BBC broadcast the 2018 PG Mutual English National Championships from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th March.

Source: Table Tennis England

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