14 Feb 2018

First place in the group for David Prusa and Tomas Koldas; for the host nation it was a successful start to proceedings as the Junior Boys’ Singles event at the 2018 Czech Junior and Cadet Open commenced in Hodonin on Wednesday 14th February.

However, the top spots were to be anticipated, the two young men started proceedings as the highest rated players in their respective groups; it was quite the reverse scenario for their colleagues, Radim Bako and Radek Skala, both upset the odds to top their respective groups.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Both Radim Bako and Radek Skala started proceedings as the lowest rated player in their respective groups; presently on the Under 18 Boys’ World Rankings, Radim Bako is named at no.386, Radek Skala at no.429.

Radim Bako finished ahead of Italy’s Gabriele Piciulin, listed at no.87, with Austria’s Jonas Promberger, named at no.325 in third place. Similarly, Radek Skala secured top spot; he finished ahead of Belgium’s David Comeliau with Poland’s Przemyslaw Walaszek in the third position. Notably, Przemyslaw Walaszek, at no.95, started play as the highest rated player in the group; David Comeliau presently stands at no.321.

Unexpected first places and there were other names who topped their groups contrary to status.

Also starting matters as the third rated player in the group, Luka Mihailovic of Bosnia-Herzegovina topped his group as did Azerbaijan’s Yu Khinhang, China’s Cao Yantao, Turkey’s Bilal Selim Tok and Russia{s Lev Volin.

Similarly, against the odds it was first place for Japan’s Hayate Suzuki, Italy’s Andrea Puppo and Poland’s Maciej Kubik in addition to Serbia’s Pero Tepic and Hungary’s Oliver Both.

Surprises but amongst the leading names on qualification phase duty it was first places without defeat for the top names. Spain’s Francisco Miguel Ruiz and Romania’s Dragos Florin Oprea ended the day in first places in their respective groups as did Japan’s Hiroto Shinozuka and Uladzislau Rukuatsou of Belarus.

Players finishing in first and second places in each group advanced to the main draw where they join the top 32 seeds who received direct entries.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Czech Junior & Cadet Open Radek Skala Radim Bako

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