07 Feb 2018

The global staff of the International Table Tennis Federation all travelled to Phuket, Thailand last weekend for a historical first ever staff retreat.

This was the first time all ITTF staff met after the new ITTF staff structure came into place from 1 January 2018. The goal of the staff retreat was for all global staff to get to know each other better, and for the ITTF CEO to explain the new direction of the ITTF as well as the goals of 2018 for everyone to work towards.

The ITTF CEO Steve Dainton stated: “After years of discussing and with a recent staff restructure, it was the perfect time to gather all our staff together for formal meetings and team building activities. For 3 days, we all participated in the various meetings that discussed the future of the ITTF whilst also learning how to work together better as a team. It was fantastic because since we have colleagues from all over the world doing various different projects in the ITTF, it’s important for us all to better understand the full scope so as to be able to help each other with different problems. Whilst it was a wonderful location, most importantly my feeling is that the team went home with a better rounded understanding of the ITTF’s future direction and a wonderful vibe to motivate all of us to achieve more for the ITTF in the future.”


ITTF Executive Vice President Petra Sorling, who was also joined in the meeting by ITTF Executive Vice President Bruce Burton, stated: “It was fantastic to see all of our global staff in one room discussing how we can move the ITTF forward. All our professional staff are very talented in their respective areas, which was confirmed to all of us during the retreat, so we are in good hands to be able to achieve the ambitious goals of the new ITTF management.”

Together with an extensive meeting schedule, which included work on the new ITTF Strategic plan, the ITTF staff were also put through their paces with 2 team building exercises: The Iron Chef and the Amazing Race to see which team could work together to cook creative meals with limited resources and to solve a series of tasks together within a limited period of time!

Now all the ITTF staff are back in different parts of the world, motivated to implement all the ideas discussed in Phuket and work towards the lofty goals set by the ITTF Executive Committee.

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