09 Feb 2018

A total of four tables in use once the main event commences at tournaments on the Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour, an ever increasing professional approach, important to maintaining and raising standards is the role enacted by umpires.

Therefore, the highest level of officiating is required.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

In principle, the host association may nominate a maximum of eight Blue Badge umpires for the main draw and a maximum of two Blue Badge umpires for the concluding two days.

Meanwhile, in the qualification stage at least one, preferably two umpires, per table will be used, thus affording the opportunity for associations to advance national umpires.

Each umpire will receive a daily allowance of US$ 100.00 for officiating in the main draw and US$ 60.00 in the qualification stage.

Following the newly established policy, invitations are extended to national associations to forward nominations. Applications will be considered for two International Umpires who have reached Blue Badge status or have attended an ITTF Advanced Umpire Training course and passed the Advanced Rules Examination. Female nominations, as per ITTF policy, are encouraged.

The tournaments are as follows:

  • German Open, Bremen: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th March (Qualification: Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd March)
  • Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong: Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th May (Qualification: Tuesday 22nd – Wednesday 23rd May
  • Korean Open, Incheon: Thursday19th – Sunday 22nd July (Qualification: Tuesday 17th –Wednesday 18th July)
  • Australian Open, Geelong: Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th July (Qualification Tuesday 24th –Wednesday 25th July)
  • Bulgaria Open, Panagyurishte: Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th August (Qualification: Tuesday14th – Wednesday15th August)
  • Czech Open, Olomouc: Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th August (Qualification: Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd August)
  • Swedish Open, Stockholm: Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th November (Qualification: Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st October)
  • Austrian Open, Linz: Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th November (Qualification: Tuesday 6th – Wednesday 7th November)


The invitations are open; therefore not all nominations may be accepted. Furthermore only nominations submitted by bona fide national associations will be considered.

Full hospitality will be provided on the day prior to the start of the event, the day on which the mandatory meeting with the referee is held, until the day following the conclusion of proceedings.

All invited umpires must organize their own transport to the respective town or city as well as travel and medical insurance. In addition, all invited umpires are responsible for early arrival and late departure. Local transport will be provided.

Should a nominated umpire require a visa, kindly send relevant details when submitting the nomination (full name as in passport, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, expiry date of passport). A letter of invitation will be provided.

Please note that all costs associated with the visa application are the responsibility of the applicant and the issuance of a visa is at the sole discretion of the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

Umpires must wear the International umpiring uniforms as described in the Handbook for Match Officials.

The closing date for nominations is Thursday 15th February, the selection will be announced on or before Tuesday 20th February; appointments for the final two days will be advised three months prior to the commencement of the respective tournament.

Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour: Match officials policy 2018 (issued Monday 29th January)

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