19 Jan 2018

The International Table Tennis Federation welcomes the decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), on Thursday 18th January, to validate the implementation of the whereabouts system, the key pillar of out-of-competition testing programmes.

In its judgment, responding to cases raised by a group of French Professional Team Sports Players’ Unions and an individual French athlete, the Court found that the whereabouts system does not violate Article 8 (right to respect private and family life) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

by Françoise Dagouret, ITTF Anti-Doping Manager

In particular, the Court outlines the “public interest grounds” making the system necessary and justifying the restrictions imposed on Article 8 rights.

It found that a reduction or removal of the relevant obligations would lead to an increase in the dangers of doping, detrimental to the athletes’ health and fair competition.

As far as it is concerned, the International Table Tennis Federation implements a balanced and proportionate whereabouts policy, where the data is collected and protected in strict confidence in the framework of the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards.

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