11 Jan 2018

The New Year only a few days old, the Egyptian capital city of Cairo was the focus of attention for an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course.

Organised under the direction of the ITTF Development Programme, in liaison with the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation, proceedings commenced on Friday 5th January and concluded on Tuesday 9th January.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Venue for the whole itinerary was the International Bowling Centre, the premises being made available thanks the efforts of General Nasser Ghaly, the organisation’s director.

Under the leadership of the host nation’s Mohamed Gharib, overall a total of 24 students attended, 22 men and two women; the group being most knowledgeable as it comprised existing coaches and players of international experience.

Present to welcome the students were several local dignitaries. Significantly, Khaled El-Salhy, President of the African Table Tennis Federation, attended alongside Samir El Beltagy, Head of the Cairo area. Additionally, Moataz Ashour, President of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation, in addition to Board of Directors members Said Qretam, Tamer Wfki and Ahmed Al Sayad were present.

“I had the pleasure to attend the start and end of the course. It was well organized by the Cairo Zone Table Tennis Province; there was a high level of participation. Egypt has the record of conducting Level One coaching courses, most of them are self-funded courses. Thanks to ITTF and to the expert Mr. Mohamed Gharib for the great support as usual.” Moataz Ashour

Notably course members travelled from throughout the country; most pleasing was that for the first time coaches from the southern governorates of Aswan and El Wadi El Gedid attended such an initiative.

Additionally, for the first time for such a course, a young lady from the State of Sudan, Miss Kauther Mohammed, a member of the national team, was present. It was fact that Khaled El-Salhy addressed when speaking to the group. He underlined the fact that her attendance was most important for the promotion of table tennis in the Sudan region.

Similarly, Samir El Beltagy stressed the importance of such courses for the Cairo region; the words being echoed by all and most well received.

High Performance and Development Mohamed Gharib