10 Jan 2018

Table tennis legend Timo Boll takes the Ask a Pro Anything challenge!

by Wade Townsend

The time has finally come for Timo Boll to step up to the plate and take the Ask a Pro Anything challenge with Adam Bobrow, and it may be the best episode yet.

What made Waldner the hardest opponent that Timo has faced? Hint hint, it may be the serve.

When Timo puts down the bat he is hitting the books. But what is top of his reading list?

Fourteen year-old Timo is making a comeback with his magic bandana. What has caused this change of wardrobe?

And see if the hand-switch king has what it takes to beat Adam Bobrow in a right-handed table tennis battle?

Find out the answers to this and more by watching the latest episode of Ask a Pro Anything below!

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