09 Jan 2018

Looking back over the years at the performances of modern day players; making comparisons and reading results gained, proves intriguing time and time again.

There are tournaments at which certain players always appear to excel time and again; others which prove the exact opposite. Research results a decade ago and players of now high ranking experienced defeats against those who fell by the wayside; it can prove fascinating reading.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Thanks to the efforts of Dimosthenis Messinis (ITTF Competition Manager) and Zoltan Bencsik (ITTF Results and Ranking Manager), a comprehensive statistics page is now available on the website of the International Table Tennis Federation.

The webpage features six principal sections; those being tournaments, national associations, players, ITTF World Tour, junior and world ranking.

Each section provides filters in order to access information, it means that the results of specific tournaments can be accessed as can the names of all countries and regions affiliated to the International Table Tennis Federation.

However, no doubt for many, the most vital area is that which involves data with regards to players. Again using filters, the style of a player can be accessed as can recent results.

Presently results from the year 2008 are available but in the near future it is anticipated that further back in time will be available. Similarly, from 2009 statistics with relation to the ITTF World Tour are available.

Likewise, information with regards to the ITTF World Junior Circuit and World Ranking lists can be accessed; a situation which is set to expand and include such major competitions as the Olympic Games and World Championships.

It is an ever developing scenario, one which in time will become more and more comprehensive as data is added; step by step is the process.

Link: http://results.ittf.link

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