05 Jan 2018

The year 2017 remains memorable for Simon Gauzy, the outcome being that he starts 2018 at no.9 on the Men’s World Rankings.

Alongside Emmanuel Lebesson, Tristan Flore and Quentin Robinot, he is crucial to French success; however, the immediate target is to reach the final of the German Cup where he represents TTF Liehberr Ochsenhausen and lines up alongside Hugo Calderano, Yuto Muramatsu and João Geraldo.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Africa, Press Officer

On Saturday 6th January TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen faces FC Saarbrücken who select from Patrick Franziska, Tiago Apolonia, Bojan Tokic, Patrick Baum and Deni Kozul. In the counterpart semi-final, Werder Bremen, an outfit comprising Omar Assar, Bastian Steger and Hunor Szocs confronts Borussia Düsseldorf who choose from Timo Boll, Kristian Karlsson, Stefan Fegerl and Anton Källberg.

Simon Gauzy expressed his views to Johannes Eickhoff for the website of the German Table Tennis Association.

“Certainly 2017 was the best year of my career so far. I have reached one of my childhood’s dreams being in the top 10 but it was also very tough for my body especially at the end of the year. Now I have a back injury, so I hope it will be fine to start 2018 at 100 per cent. I would love to win a title with Ochsenhausen. It would be an awesome reward for the work done. Personally, maybe get my first title. Who knows!

Saarbrücken is a great team. It’s always hard against them because they have three players with a similar level with a high potential of beating better players. That’s why they are dangerous.

I have won several times against Timo in the last two years and even if I improved lately he is playing in an awesome way right now. Outstanding to be honest, so it’s not going to be the same match for sure. I definitely think we might have a chance against Düsseldorf, even if they are the obvious favourite team.

The Bundesliga is much stronger this season. Every team is better. The last can beat the first anytime; before, teams could rest their best players at some point, now it’s not possible.

In my opinion Düsseldorf will be first and then there are five teams fighting for three spots. I hope Ochsenhausen will book one of these.”

Source: The extract is taken from The relief has been huge by Johannes Eickhoff

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