04 Jan 2018

Gloves, thick hooded coats, sturdy boots, sub-zero readings on the thermometer but enter the table tennis hall and the temperature rises; it is has been yet another year of major progress in the Canada’s North West Territories.

Under the direction of the Arctic warrior, Thorsten Gohl, on many occasions the professional photographer at international tournaments promoted by the national association, step by step, interest is increasing, standards are rising.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Focused in Yellowknife, the region’s capital, 60 competition level table tennis tables are now based in local community centres; no less than 15 communities are involved in table tennis.

“Every time going into a gym, cafeteria, class room or really anywhere where we find a table tennis table, it is a highlight. It has been another amazing year for table tennis in the Northwest Territories.” Thorsten Gohl

Furthermore, there is no lack of innovation and very much the policy of table tennis for all is followed. There is a drive to encourage young people; no less than 135 children competed at the 2017 Territorial School Championships.

Equally, there is a positive effort to unite communities. One project in particular has really caught the eye. The “Elders in Motion” programme has proved an outstanding success and was featured at the 2017 North West Territories Parks and Recreation Conference staged in September at the Midnight Sun Complex in Inuvik.

Meanwhile, the nationwide publication, Readers’ Digest, featured a full story on Table Tennis North. Additionally, Aurora Ford has become a major sponsor; Aurora Fraser and Tamara Jovic were named the Team of the Year by Sport North, whilst most significantly the region returned to compete in the Canadian National Championships after a break of 30 years.

“The year 2017 has created a community for table tennis in the North. It “takes a village” and we have had such great support from the sponsors, the schools and teachers, the parents and elders; both in role modelling, in support in all ways and in motivation and inspiration for the kids, the youth, the adults and elders to all be involved. Thank you for being part of it! Best wishes to you and the International Table Tennis Federation in 2018!” Thorsten Gohl

A united effort with Thorsten Gohl at the helm and he has been deservedly recognised for his efforts.

He was named Volunteer and Coach of the Year by the Territorial Sport Organization and also received the Betty Tweedy Award by Table Tennis Canada and the Contributor to Sport award by Sport North; well merited.

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