25 Dec 2017

A one year agreement with an evaluation after a period of three months is offered by the International Table Tennis Federation for the role of Head of High Performance.

Organised on a non-exclusive basis, the position is that of an independent consultant, working from home but with extensive travel being part of the remit.

The person appointed will be responsible for the newly established High Performance Unit; the aim of which is to afford the best opportunities for young players to progress to the highest levels

Now following the incredibly successful ITTF Development Programme that witnesses a maximum 226 members and therefore endorses the fact that table tennis is a truly global sport, the task now is to increase the number of national associations who can compete as world level.

Competition is at the root of sport, the less predictable the outcome, the more interest is created, the more the sport grows in status. It is the goal for table tennis.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 7th January.

ITTF High Performance: Head of High Performance – Consultancy Description

ITTF High Performance: 2018-2021 Plan and 2026 Vision

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