16 Dec 2017

Situated in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago was the home for a recent ITTF Level Two Coaches Course; organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, proceedings began on Thursday 7th December and concluded on Tuesday 12th December.

Home for the whole itinerary was the town of Tacarigua, notably the schedule also included lessons on how to make a draw for both a round robin and knock-out tournaments.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The expert on duty was Ramon Ortega Montes, always known as Moncho, the Development Officer for the Latin American Table Tennis Union.

“Everyone was very interested in knowing how to do the draw for a tournament; now they have a clear idea how to proceed and produce a tournament prospectus.” Ramon Ortega Montes

A modern sports centre which shared the sports of badminton, tennis and table tennis provided the venue, two table tennis tables were available, the premises open throughout for the course thanks to the support of, Darryl Smith, the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs whose intervention has now made it possible for the national team to practise in the premises each and every day.

Notably Ramon Ortega Montes held meetings with Darryl Smith and with Luca Santilli, the Executive Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Tennis Federation, as well as Ian Joseph, the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Table Tennis Association.

The premises provided form a basis from which table tennis can grow, thinking ahead, the new Executive Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Table Tennis Association is keen to organise major events.

“I’m very involved in table tennis, my daughter is the national champion and my son plays. I didn’t think the course would be so involved. My goal is to try to help as much as possible my daughter and also to maximize the participation in my region at grass roots level.” David Joseph

“I’m the President of 12 different clubs, I have not practised a great deal in the last four years. My goal is to be able to teach a player to reach international good level”. Clive Ramsingh

An exacting course, in order to meet working hours, each day the schedule started at 5.00pm and concluded at midnight.

Overall a total of eight students, all men, attended; two passed the oral examination and practical presentation.

 Trinidad & Tobago – ITTF Level Two Course
Photos: courtesy of Ramon Ortega Montes

High Performance and Development Coaching Ramon Ortega Montes