16 Dec 2017

Gold medallist at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Great Britain’s Will Bayley was forced to withdraw from proceedings at current 2017 United States Para Open which commenced in Las Vegas on Wednesday 13th December

An eye disease called Keratoconus, also known as the cone eye disease, forced his withdrawal

by Tina Huynh

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Keratoconus is when the cornea (clear, dome-shaped window at the front of the eye) thins out and bulges like a cone. The result is it brings light rays out of focus and distorts the vision.

Will Bayley had an operation three weeks before the tournament, and is still in the recovery process.

“I didn’t make it back to practice; the lighting and such still affects my eyes so it’s difficult to see.” Will Bayley

The doctor told him his recovery may take around two months. Will Bayley hopes he will have enough time to train for his next tournament, the Italian Open in March.

“I’m having a bit of a break now but I’m ready to train very hard for the next season. I’m very sad, because I love playing and every time I watch other players, I want to play too. It frustrating but all I can do is try and support my teammates who are playing.” Will Bayley

Despite being unable to play, the 2014 World Champion still came to the 2017 United States Open to support his team; he gains credits for the 2018 World Championship.

We hope he will soon return to the table!

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Photos: courtesy of Christina Hyunh

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