04 Dec 2017

A busy schedule in Sri Lanka, which had included two ITTF Level Two Courses and one ITTF Level Three Course concluded with a training camp for members of the national team; proceedings commenced on Tuesday 28th November and concluded on Saturday 2nd December.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, the initiative was the conclusion of an Olympic Solidarity supported Developing a National Sports Structure course, the first part having been conducted in June by Pakistan’s Richard McAfee, the second commencing in early November under the tutelage of Richard McAfee from the United States.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of 12 players attended with Richard McAfee, alongside Wajira Wickramasinghe, the National Coach and the coaches who had passed the ITTF Level Three Course, assisting.

“The goal of the camp was to create a complete analysis of each player. To accomplish this, training consisted of both technical and tactical sessions with a competition held on the final afternoon. The coaches worked together to create a written review to be given to each player and their local coaches. This was the first time such a programme had been conducted in the country. Both the athletes and coaches learned a great deal from the camp.” Richard McAfee

All responded to the efforts of Richard McAfee, during his stay in the island, undoubtedly a great deal had been accomplished.

“Developing a National Sports Structure required a major organizational effort by both the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee and the Sri Lanka Table Tennis Association. A special mention must be made of the contributions of the National Olympic Committee’s Chandana Perera and Chathura Jayendra, the President of the Table Tennis Association of Sri Lanka. Two other persons must also be mentioned are the ITTF Level Three coaches, Wajira Wickramasinghe and Chathura Dushan; they served as translators and mentors to the coaches. Richard McAfee

The result is that the Developing a National Sports Structure Course in Sri Lanka has introduced new coaches to the sport and has raised the level of others.

“Coaches are the backbone of the development of our sport and no doubt Sri Lanka will see a long-term benefit from the programme.” Richard McAfee

Undoubtedly a successful venture, the efforts of both Arif Khan and Richard McAfee were well received and greatly appreciated.

 Sri Lanka – Training Camp
Photos: courtesy of Richard McAfee

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