04 Dec 2017

Mexico’s Edith Sidala and Martha Verdin, alongside Chile’s Matias Pino Lorca and the Brazilian duo comprising Claudio Massad and Diego Morreira, emerged as the most prominent players when play came to a conclusion at the 2017 Americas Para Championships in San José, Costa Rica on Sunday 3rd December.

All emerged victorious in the team events and thus added to the success gained earlier in the week in the individual competitions

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Edith Sidala and Martha Verdin joined forces with colleague Alma Padilla to win the Women’s Team Class 1-5 title, earlier in the week in the Women’s Singles events, Edith Sidala had won Class 1-3, Martha Verdin had secured Class 4 gold.

Similarly in the Men’s events, Matias Pino Lorca having won the Class 6 individual competition, allied with compatriots Cristian Dettoni and Ignacio Torres to secure the Men’s Team Class 6-7 top prize.

Impressive from Mexico and from Chile, it was the same from Brazil. Claudio Massad and Diego Morreira joined forces to secure the Class 9-10 title. Earlier in the proceedings, in the individual events, Diego Morreira had emerged successful in Class 9, Claudio Massad in Class 10.

Meanwhile, in the remaining team events, there was further success for Chile with Argentina and Canada also joining the party.
Luis Bustamente and Alfonso Diaz won Class 3; the Class 4-5 title was secured by the Argentine trio comprising Mauricio Depergola, Daniel Rodrigues and Elias Romero whilst in Class 8, Ian Kent, Masoud Mojtahed and Curtis Caron combined to secure the top prize.

 São Paulo – ITTF/PTT Level One Course
Photos: Carlos Borbon

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