22 Nov 2017

The focus of attention in late September when, at the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour Platinum Hybiome Austrian Open, China’s Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Manyu won the respective Men’s and Women’s Singles titles, some six months after the star names departed, Linz will once again be in the spotlight.

Now well established with a growing reputation, the city will host the 2018 Raiffeisen Youth Championships; the 18th edition of the tournament, proceedings commence on Saturday 31st March and conclude on Tuesday 3rd April.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Staged in the splendid Tips Arena, the emphasis is on youth, the emphasis is on participation; providing young players with a high number of matches against those of a similar level. It is where an international career starts.

Boys’ Team and Girls’ Team events plus Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles competitions form the itinerary; proceedings being organised in four age groups.

  • Cadet (Under 11 Years): Born on or after Monday 1st January 2007
  • Cadet (Under 13 Years): Born on or after Saturday 1st January 2005
  • Cadet (Under 15 Years): Born on or after Wednesday 1st January 2003
  • Junior (Under 18years): Born on or after Saturday1st January 2000

All events are organised in two stages, a group phase followed knock-out, in the team events the second stage will organised on a progressive knock-out basis. Two players, four singles and one doubles is the team event formula.

Following the group contests, the leading teams will compete for the Raiffeisen Championships, the lower teams for the Raifeisen Challenge. It is the same principle in the individual events, the only difference being that for the leading names, the trophy on offer is the Linz-Austria Reiffeisen Trophy.

Entries are open to national associations in addition to provincial and regional organisations as well as clubs.

Closing date for entries is Friday 3rd March

2018 Raiffeisen Youth Championships: Poster – Basic Information

2018 Raiffeisen Youth Championships: Prospectus (Closing Date is Friday 2nd March)

2018 Raiffeisen Youth Championships: Local Website

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