20 Nov 2017

The capital of Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan was the recent home for an ITTF Basic Umpire, Basic Referee and Tournament Organisation Course.

Administered under the auspices of the ITTF-ATTU Development Programme, the overall itinerary commenced on Saturday 12th November and concluded on Friday 17 November.

by C.K. Chan, Course Conductor

Venue for the gathering was the Meeting Room of the Indoor Stadium, located in a most pleasant sports complex not far from the airport.

Locally matters were conducted by the Brunei Darussalam Table Tennis Association under the most capable hands Mr. Anthony Liew, Secretary General. Alongside Shiekh Haji Said Bin Shiekh Haji Yahya and Haji Rusli Bin Haji Yusop, both Vice Presidents, he attended the majority of the sessions. The attendance was greatly appreciated and provided a welcome source of motivation.

Enthusiasm and intense discussion were features of the whole itinerary (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)


Overall, a total of 21 students attended the Basic Umpire Course, for the Basic Referee element the total was 22 in number, whilst 26 was the complement for the Tournament Organiser part.

Most of the candidates  who were present during the six days came from the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, a few travelled from other parts of the country. Notably several National Umpires and International Umpires attended but most participants had no formal training on rules and regulations.

A practical session on the Basic Umpires Course (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)


During the courses, the participants were eager to learn in order to improve their knowledge and advance their skills in the officiating and in organising competitions in the country. They asked many questions and took part most enthusiastically in group discussions.

On the second day of the Basic Umpire Course, a practical session was arranged in the main hall of the Indoor Stadium. Despite very limited time, the practical session and general discussions immediately afterwards proved most fruitful. It allowed participants to gain a greater understanding of the rules and regulations of table tennis, as well as the procedures of umpiring.

Successful Basic Umpires Course members with (front row centre) C.K.Chan (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)


At the end of the course, 20 candidates sat the Basic Umpire Course examination, eight passed and are now qualified as a “Certified Basic Umpire”. It was disappointing that only two of the six National Umpires managed to pass the examination.

Notably, eight candidate passed the Basic Referee Course examination, each is now recognized as a “Certified Basic Referee”.

Successful members of the Referees Course with (fron row centre) C.K. Chan (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)


Meanwhile, for the Tournament Organiser Course, candidates discussed the necessary planning and procedure, examining the roles and requirements of an Organising Committee.

“Overall the courses more than meet the expectations of the association, They injected renewed interest and vigour in the ailing tale tennis sport in Brunei.” Anthony Liew

Everyone worked hard, all were dedicated; I encourage them to continue in the same vein, learn and improve their knowledge of the skills needed for officiating.

A souvenir gratefully received (left to right) Anthony Liew, C.K. Chan and Haji Rusli Bin Haji Yusop (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)
High Performance and Development Umpires and Referees C.K. Chazn