10 Nov 2017

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, in recent months, Sri Lanka has been the host for an Olympic Solidarity supported Developing a National Structure initiative.

The first part was held earlier this year in June. It comprised a month long itinerary of ITTF/PTT Level One Courses and Junior Development Training Camps in various parts of the country conducted by Pakistan’s Arif Khan.

by Richard McAfee, ITTF Course Conductor

Now from Friday 3rd to Wednesday 8th November, the first of the ITTF Level Two Courses was conducted in the city of Colombo.

Following on the foot-steps of Arif’s excellent work, I am spending the month of November in the country conducting two ITTF Level Two Courses, one ITTF Level Three Course and a National Team Training Camp.

A theory session in progress (Photo: courtesy of Richard McAfee)


To organize such an ambitious programme, a high level of hard work, thorough preparation and co-operation is needed. A special “thank you” to both Chandana Perera from the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee and Chathura Jayendra from the Sri Lanka Table Tennis Association for their efforts to ensure the course was held in the best possible conditions

Excellent playing facilities in the Indoor Stadium Mt. Lavinia were made available. A total of 16 coaches from around the country took part. The group included several current and former members of the Sri Lanka National Team.

A good deal of translation was necessary; this was very ably provided by Chathura Dushan who is himself an ITTF Level Three Coach. For six days the coaches worked extremely hard in both the classroom and during the practical work on the tables.

An explanation by Richard McAfee at the start of a practical session (Photo: courtesy of Richard McAfee)


Study groups were formed; coaches came early and stayed late to prepare for their examinations. The result of all this effort was the rare feat all 16 coaches pass the examinations. Notably, a high percentage qualified for a future ITTF Level Three Course.

One Level Two Course down but little rest; another large group of coaches will start a second ITTF Level Two Course on Sunday 11th November; it is an exciting time for the sport of Table Tennis in Sri Lanka!

Time to think (Photo: courtesy of Richard McAfee)
High Performance and Development Coaching Richard McAfee