06 Nov 2017

Discussing co-operation and communication between players, officials and coaches, in addition to the presentation and success of our sport, the ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee recently met in Larnaca, Cyprus.

However, the meeting held from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th November, was with a meeting with a difference, one that brought a breath of fresh air to wide ranging subject of officiating.

by C.K. Chan

The venue was the beach, the seaside!

Led by Graeme Ireland and Werner Thury with the support of Petr Bohumsky and myself; matters were organised locally by the Cyprus Table Tennis Association and splendidly administered by Andreas Georgiou, President if the Cyprus Table Tennis Association and Vicky Eleftheriade, ITTF Competition Manager.

“The location in the heart of Larnaca was really excellent, Andreas Georgiou and his team were perfect hosts. We had the chance to discuss many situations, which happened in recent years. Especially the exchange of ideas about the future of table tennis and of course, the thoughts of match officials was very interesting and fruitful. “Werner Thury

A total of 35 Referees representing all six continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania – attended the three day conference.

Notably, Adrian Simion, the Cyprus head coach advised all present his expectations and experiences concerning the co-operation with match officials. The discussion, in the best ethos of the course, took place on the famous Larnaca beach!

Participants at the Conference had to perform a public draw; also a further focus was placed on consistency in different situations during a tournament.

C.K. Chan address the group on the Larnaca beach (Photo: courtesy of C.K. Chan)
Umpires and Referees Werner Thury Graeme Ireland Andreas Georgiou Adrian Simion