19 Dec 2017

Providing the practical tools to establish a successful table tennis voluntary organisation in developing countries is the theme of a publication produced recently by Georg Silberschmidt, a most active course conductor for the ITTF Development Programme.

In particular he has been a regular visitor to the Caribbean; thus the guidelines follow a project established in that part of the world.

Wiebke Scheffler, ITTF World Table Tennis Day Team

The Vincy Table Tennis Foundation is the example; located in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the initiative aims to make table tennis accessible to as many children as possible; the focus is on grassroots development within schools and communities.

“Vincy Table Tennis is thrilled to join with the International Table Tennis Federation in producing Guidelines for Sustainable Development. We hope our experiences will help others around the world in their pursuit to create table tennis non-profit organisations.” Georg Silberschmidt

A publication of 23 pages, divided into four main sections, the major themes are:

  • a true-to-life insight of a possible structure that sustains table tennis initiatives
  • legal matters referring to the logistics that constitute a non-profit organisation
  • helpful tips about the so important fundraising.
  • a practical appendix offers sample documents to make life of each table tennis organisation easier; just copy, paste commitments, reports or a memorandum of understanding and adapt it to your own needs.

The publication has been well received by all; the efforts most certainly appreciated by Leandro Olvech, ITTF Director-Development

“The Vincy Table Tennis Foundation is fulfilling great work for children. To take the time to write easy-to-understand guidelines in addition to the daily practical work deserves my greatest respect. My congratulations and thank you goes to the Foundation and notably to Georg Silberschmidt, who is an exemplary ITTF expert in the field. May this help many others to build up their own organization and bring table tennis to everyone, everywhere!” Leandro Olvech

A most valuable publication, one which endorses the universal nature of our sport; truly the sport for all.

ITTF Development Programme: Guidelines for Sustainable Development:

ITTF Development Programme: Vincy Table Tennis Foundation

High Performance and Development Coaching Georg Silberschmidt