27 Oct 2017

The opening rounds of doubles events at the World Cadet Challenge were swift in brutal in Fiji.

by Wade Townsend

The Cadet Boys’ Doubles the matches went by the book. Fifteen out of sixteen matches not only followed the seeding, they also were all won in three straight games.

There was one exception.

Team Oceania’s Finn Luu and Ronan Aubry managed to go against the script and defeat North America’s Alexander Bu and Edward in five games to advance to the quarter final.

In the Teams Event North America managed to grab the bronze medal, while Oceania was at a distant seventh.

The doubles has proved to be an equaliser between the players, and heading in to the next round the straight games wins will dissipate. Be ready for upsets.

Meanwhile, the Girls’ Doubles went almost. as smoothly, with the top seeds progressing in style.

Fans can look forward to a clash between Team Europe’s Natalia Brinza and Jamila Laurenti against Team Asia’s Huang Yingqi and Yumeno Soma. With two defenders on the court and Laurenti’s unique anti-spin stylings, it is going to be an awkward match. You can be sure the ball is going to get a workout as the athletes rotate it ever which way.

Check out the full results for the Boys’ Doubles and Girls’ Doubles.

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