25 Oct 2017

Written by Christian Holtz, Table Tennis Australia and ITTF-Oceania Executive Director, the Smash Down Barriers Manual is launched.

Designed by Carolina Rosso (Estudio Planeador), illustrations provided by Martin Laksman, the publication is available in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

by Leandro Olvech, ITTF Director-Development

The Smash Down Barriers Programme is supported by the Australian Government, Table Tennis Australia and the International Table Tennis Federation; the objective is to use table tennis as a tool to improve the lives of people with disabilities by increasing levels of physical activity, providing leadership opportunities and promoting social inclusion.

A total of 47 pages, the Smash Down Barriers Manual comprises six introductory lessons designed to assist coaches with an understanding of Para Table Tennis in order to deliver fun, safe and inclusive activities.

“I hope that with this manual, table tennis coaches all over the world will feel more comfortable to work with people with disability. I truly believe that table tennis can be used as a tool to increase levels of physical activity, prevent non communicable diseases and promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities.” Christian Holtz

A very useful and practical tool for coaches working with players who have a disability; the publications covers all relevant areas, especially safety instructions, table tennis basics and detailed lesson plans. Undoubtedly, the Manual helps to spread the practice of Para table tennis around the world; it is another handbook on our list of practice-oriented guides for free download.

The initiative shown by Christian Holtz, the Australian Government and Table Tennis Australia is most certainly to applauded.

Smash Down Barriers Manual: Access via ITTF Development Downloads

Smash Down Barriers Manual: Direct Access

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