20 Oct 2017

Eyes focused on gold, on Friday 20th October, the top seeds in the wheelchair categories in the Men’s Team event at the 2017 Thailand Para Open in Suphan Buri, all enjoyed success in the early stages of their campaign trail.

At the close of play on the penultimate day of action, Friday 20th October, title hopes were shining brightly.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

In Class 1-2 the Korean partnership of Park Jincheol and Joo Youngdae ended the day as the only unbeaten outfit in a group organised event; in Class 4, likewise an all-play-all event, it was a successful day for the top two respective outfits.

China’s Guo Xingyuan and Zhang Yan remained unbeaten as did the Korean pairing of Kim Younggun and Lee Kyeonghun.

However, in Class 3 and Class 5 where there were two groups in the initial stage, the situation was somewhat different. The top seeds, in each instance from China, duly secured first places, in the former there were no great problems for China’s Feng Pangfeng, Zhao Ping and Zhai Xiang; in the latter Cao Ningning and Zhan Dashun secured first place in style.

Conversely, there were defeats in each instance for the second seeds. In Class 3, Jordan’s Osama Abu Jame, lining up alongside Russia’s Vladimir Toporkov and Rail Galiakberov, experienced a two-nil defeat at the hands of Korea’s Baek Youngbok and Lim Hangsueng. Both teams overcame the Australian pairing of Mark Harris and Chen Chunjian; thus second place was the end result for Abu Jame, Vladimir Toporkov and Rail Galiakberov.

In all Para events where there are two stages, teams finishing in first and second places in each group advance to the knock-out rounds.

Defeat for the second seeds but progress; in Class 5 it was defeat for the second seeds and the end of the road. Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yen-Hung and Shih Ing-Min experienced a two-nil losses at the hands China’s Shi Yanping and Liu Fu, followed by the same margin of defeat when facing Korea’s Kim Kiyong and Park Jaehyeon. The Korean duo overcame Shi Yanping and Liu Fu by two matches to one to top the group.

Play in Suphan Buri concludes on Saturday 21st October.

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