17 Oct 2017

Following the recent successful first edition of the Rough Diamonds training camp staged in Otocec, Slovenia; the invitation list for the second such training camp is announced.

Organised by the China Table Tennis College Europe in conjunction with the ITTF Education and Training Programme, the destination is Luxembourg; proceedings are scheduled to commence on Sunday 10th December and conclude on Tuesday 19th December.

Daniela Gomes, ITTF Development, Education and Training Projects Officer

Focused on the 13 years to 15 years age group, a total of 20 players, an equal number of boys and girls have been selected for the forthcoming 2017 edition; the selection is based on such criteria as the October 2017 World Ranking List, recent results plus participation at official events such as Continental Championships and ITTF World Junior Circuit events.

Additional Invitations

Following outstanding results on the ITTF World Junior Circuit in both Slovenia and Serbia, undoubtedly Ireland’s rising star Owen Cathcart, benefited from the first Rough Diamonds Training Camp, the result being a significant rise in performance.

Additionally, Italy’s 15 year old Jamila Laurenti, 13 year old Prithika Pavade of France and Iran’s 14 year old Radin Khayyam have excelled in recent international tournaments following the initial training camp. Notably, Owen Cathcart, has received a special wild card invitation to take part in the second Rough Diamonds activity; a well-deserved reward for his inspired performances.

Invited Players

Girls: Lee Ka Yee (Hong Kong), Elizabet Abraamian (Russia), Elena Zaharia (Romania), Chien Tung-Chuan (Chinese Taipei), Diya Parag Chitale (India), Ozge Yilmaz (Turkey), Sophia Klee (Germany), Karen Lyne (Malaysia), Fadwa Garci (Tunisia), Zhou Jiayi (New Zealand), Jamila Laurenti (Italy), Prithika Pavade (France)

Boys: Feng Yi-Hsin (Chinese Taipei), Vladimir Sidorenko (Russia), Truls Moregard (Sweden), Bilal Hamache (France), Csaba Andras (Hungary), Chong Maurice Kai Ning (Hong Kong), Pang Yew En Koen (Singapore), Jacobo Vahnish (Panama), Mohamed Azzam (Egypt), Finn Luu (Australia), Owen Cathcart (Ireland), Radin Khayyam (Iran)

With the Future in Mind

Undoubtedly, the Rough Diamonds initiative has proved to be a major opportunity for players under the age of 15 years to improve. Also, talented players in the 15 years to 17 years age group are benefiting from the With the Future in Mind Scholarships.
Members of that group will also be present in Luxembourg in order to set the bar high.

In Otocec, With the Future in Mind Scholarship holders, India’s Archana Girish Kamath and Manav Vikash Thakkar alongside Serbia’s Sabina Surjan not only added value to the Rough Diamonds but also benefited greatly from the high level training opportunity. All have excelled on this year’s ITTF World Junior Circuit.

World Junior Championships

The Rough Diamonds concept provides an ideal base from which young talented players can progress. Quality coaching and quality training are key components of a carefully planned activity, enabling the perfect combination between cutting edge training and competition.

Add competition in the guise of the forthcoming 2017 World Junior Championships, to take place in Riva del Garda, Italy, from Sunday 26th November to Sunday 3rd December; an ideal situation accrues.

Watch out for the Rough Diamonds group, witness inspiring young players, training hard and no doubt names to note for the future.

2017 The Second Rough Diamonds Training Camp: Official Prospectus (Monday 9th October)

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