10 Oct 2017

Established in 2015, when the focus was on Buenos Aires, one later the recipient of the prestigious Peace and Sport Award; then is 2017 bigger and better than ever, World Table Tennis Day 2018 looms ever closer.

It is less than six months away! In fact on Tuesday 10th October it is 178 days away!

by Wiebke Scheffler, ITTF World Table Tennis Day

The clock is ticking.

April 6th 2018 will not be a normal Friday; it will be the day when we want to jointly celebrate the love for our wonderful sport and share it with others.

Be part of the 2018 edition. Grab a packet, fill it with ideas how to celebrate your own and special World Table Tennis Day. Celebrate your own and special World Table Tennis Day.

Fill out the Registration Form to share your plans with us and the world. Each event will be placed on the World Map

The day

World Table Tennis Day forms part of International Table Tennis Federation’s “Table Tennis for All” programme and possesses the aim to make our sport popular, universal and inclusive.

The word “all” not only means more people but also a wide range of humanity in terms of age, gender, social status, culture and physical ability. Under the slogan “Table Tennis for Everyone, Everywhere”, World Table Tennis Day places the focus on having fun, not on competition, showing the world the benefits and pleasure of playing table tennis, bringing people together and ideally engaging new players in the long term.

Table tennis here there and everywhere (Photo: ITTF)
Similar aims, same day of celebration

April 6th has been established by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace inviting all stakeholders to co-operate, observe and raise awareness for the promotion of peace and sustainable development through sports.


World Table Tennis Day was established in 2015. A great deal has been achieved in the past three editions but there are still plenty of possibilities to bring Table Tennis closer to all. In 2017, 453 events were registered in 93 countries, it seems that many more have celebrated day without registering their event.

Have a look at Past Editions to see more and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

A small incentive for the quickest ones: The first five organisers, that register their events and invite their Facebook friends to the official World Table Tennis Day event on Facebook receive an official ITTF T-Shirt! Don’t miss this out!

A map awaiting pins (Photo: ITTF)


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