10 Oct 2017

Located in west Asia, organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, Palestine was the recent home for a ground breaking initiative led by Algeria’s Karima Tellaa; it was the home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Course followed by a training camp, the unique feature being that the it was for women, the first such initiative has been held in the Middle East state.

Supported by Olympic Solidarity, overall proceedings commenced on Wednesday 27th September and concluded on Saturday 4th October.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of 30 women from the four corners of Palestine attended.

“I was particularly pleased to greet mothers who had come to take part in this course leaving behind their children and husbands for the love they have for little ball; a special feature of this course was the participation of Physical and Sports Education teachers who taught in primary schools; also current players were present.” Karima Tellaa

All were eager to learn and promote the sport of table tennis; all responded to the efforts of Karima Tellaa.

“The course was well organized, everyone was motivated especially the Physical and Sports Education teachers. They followed the course with great attention and a remarkable seriousness.” Karima Tellaa

Venue for the whole proceedings was the Jerusalem Sports Club. Notably, the training camp involved eight players from three clubs. In addition to the hosts, players travelled from the Abd Dies and Amari clubs to attend. Karima Tellaa organised the training sessions to meet the needs of each individual.

Currently there are 93 table tennis clubs spread throughout the Palestinian territory; the policy of the national federation being to popularise the sport, hold training camps and promote national competitions. The aim is to host an international tournament.

“I would like to extend great respect to all those who participated in the success of the training camp. Especially, I extend my thanks to Mr. Jibril Rjoub, President of the Olympic Committee who supports the practice of women’s sports; also to Mr. Sadiq Issa Khadour and Mr. Jamal Farhoud, Directors of the Ministry of National Education, for their dedication and encouragement of table tennis at the school level. Finally, my sincere thanks to the Vice President of the Palestinian Table Tennis Federation Mr. Radwan Al Sheri, who makes an enormous effort to promote table tennis.” Karima Tella

Undoubtedly, it was a very special and memorable experience for Karima Tella.

“Upon my arrival, I was impressed by the hospitality and extreme kindness of the Palestinian people; I will never forget the warm welcome and the very successful course and training camp.” Karima Tella

A most worthwhile endeavour, not doubt more such initiatives will now follow.

 Palestine: ITTF Level One Course
Photos: courtesy of Karima Tellaa

High Performance and Development Coaching Karima Tellaa