07 Oct 2017

Dominant in the Junior Girls’ Singles event at the 2017 Serbia Junior and Cadet Open in Belgrade, when in the guise of Sabina Surjan, Tijana Jokic and Dragana Vignjevic they provided three of the four semi-finalists, one day later on Friday 6th October, the players in question combined to assert their authority on proceedings in the Junior Girls’ Team competition.

In a group organised event, the trio made the ideal start to their campaign.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

They recorded a three-nil win in opposition to the Serbia ‘C’ Team outfit comprising Edina Menko, Sofija Scepanovic and Tamara Hinic, before posting the same margin of victory when opposing the Serbia ‘B’ Team selection of Andjela Menger, Marija Stajic and Nikolet Oros.

Likewise, the outfit formed by India’s Archana Girish Kamath who joined forces with Montenegro’s Ivona Petric and Bulgaria’s Kalina Hristova remained unbeaten. They secured a three-nil win against Serbia ‘B’ prior to gaining a three-one success in opposition to Serbia ‘C’; the one success for the latter was won by Sofija Scepanovic. In the second match of the fixture, she beat Ivona Petric (12-10, 11-8, 5-11, 11-4).

Sabina Surjan, Tijana Jokic and Dragana Vignjevic now face Sabina Surjan, Tijana Jokic and Dragana Vignjevic to determine the title.

A successful day for Serbia in the Junior Girls’ Team event; it was very much the same in the Cadet Girls’ Team competition where Serbia ‘A’ selecting from Reka Bezeg, Radmila Tominjak, Jovana Antic and Tamara Turkone finished in first place in their group without surrendering a single individual match. Bosnia-Herzegovina represented by Harisa Mesetovic and Masrija Gnjatic concluded matter in second place with the Bulgaria ‘B’ Team pairing of Gabriela Ivanova and Krastina Ivanova in third position.

First place for Serbia, in the remaining groups it was top spot for the Romanian partnership of Iona Singeorzan and Irina Rus, as well as for the Czech Republic combination formed by Anna Klemperova and Martina Novakova. Respective second places went to the Polish outfit comprising Emilia Skuba and Wiktoria Wrosek alongside the Serbia ‘B’ Team pairing of Sofija Nikolic and Lenka Nikolic.

Serbia ‘A’, Romania and the Czech Republic duly advanced to the semi-finals with the one further place being gained by Poland, the “Lucky Losers”, being drawn at random from the second placed teams.


World Junior Circuit 2017 Serbia Junior & Cadet Open Sabina Surjan Tijana Jokic Dragana Vignjevic

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