07 Oct 2017

Sweden’s Kristian Karlsson is up on Ask A Pro Anything with Adam Bobrow.

by Wade Townsend

World No.23 Kristian Karlsson sat down with Adam Bobrow for the Ask A Pro Anything challenge.

Find out what Kristian’s most hilarious moment in table tennis is. As embarrassing moments go it certainly takes the cake.

Listen to the influence of China on the Swede’s table tennis, and how visiting the home of table tennis changed the way he looked at the sport.

Who leads in head to head between Kristian and teammate Mattias Karlsson? One of them is on a ten game winning streak.

And while Kristian may be a professional ping ponger, he is a self professed singing rookie. But with a little editing take a look at the rockstar that could have been; it’s definitely not ABBA.

Check out the episode below to find out what makes Kristian Karlsson tick.

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