25 Sep 2017

Inspiring the new generation of Nigerian players; the nation’s top player and hero, Quadri Aruna has been offering his support.

The principal young players in question are Azeez Solanke, Tobi Falana, Rilwan Akanbi, Sukurat Aiyelabegan and Nurudeen Hassan.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Africa, Press Officer

A need for players to be supported in their quest to fulfil their dreams; that is the view of Quadri Aruna.

“I am doing this to ensure that we produce more top players and I know that one of the major challenges is equipment; that is why I had decided to support them and I hope they will continue to work hard in training so that they can also compete at higher level.” Quadri Aruna

Nurudeen Hassan, a former National Junior champion, was full of praise for Quadri Aruna.

“I am grateful to Quadri because I have been receiving rubbers, clothing, footwear, a towel and a bag which is valued at over N100,000. He started giving me items three years ago. I think if other top players like him can also help other junior players and support them, I believe the issue of equipment will be solved.” Quadri Aruna

Azeez Solanke, who has been receiving assistance from Quadri Aruna for the past year was clear that the support offered by Quadri Aruna had boosted his confidence and inspired him to train regularly.

“Before I got the support from Quadri, I was always discouraged to train because of a lack of equipment but when I got the materials, I really enjoyed training; what I would have spent money on previously is now given to me free by Quadri. Apart from the support, Quadri has been an inspiration to us with his conduct on and off the table. He is humble and calm, while his skills have taken him across the globe; this is what we dream of when we started the sport. Now with Quadri’s performance and popularity, he has given us hope that we can achieve whatever we desire with hard work. I just hope others will take a cue from Quadri.” Azeez Solanke

It is a splendid example from a player who undoubtedly not only for Nigeria, not only for Africa but globally is a splendid role model.

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