11 Sep 2017

A valued member of the Malta national team for many years alongside stalwart Mario Genovese; David Pace is now turning his attentions towards promoting the sport of table tennis in the small Mediterranean island.

Coaching is very much these days his priority.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Over the years Malta has been consistently represented at World and European Championships whilst also having hosted ITTF World Junior Circuit tournaments.

Recently David Pace followed the ITTF Administration Course designed by Michael Brown, the ITTF and Africa-Oceania Development Co-ordinator.

“I found the course extremely interesting. Although currently my work involves more coaching I believe that I may contribute positively from an administrative side in the future. The course gave me a very good insight and foundation of how national associations are structured and administered.” David Pace

The course was launched in May at the Liebherr 2017 World Championships; the immediate response from all was positive.

Impressively since that time, a period of over 100 days, there has been no break in learning. Every day at least on topic has been completed; that in itself pays great credit to the forward thinking of Michael Brown and the value of the course.

“Now the course has now seen over 50 participants complete the full 18 hours of learning. Kosovo leads the way with eight participants completing the entire course, following closely by Ghana with seven participants. The most common type of participant is actually a coach!” Michael Brown

Moreover, there is a major incentive, with the Indian manufacturer Stag is once again supporting projects which form part of the ITTF Development Programme.

“Stag is providing equipment packages, including six tables and nets, 80 rackets and eight gross of balls to the national association which is the first to have 10, 50 and 100 users complete the course. Each national association is entitled to a maximum of one equipment package.” Michael Brown

It is a most successful initiative, one which is surely set to grow.

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