09 Sep 2017

Silver medallists in the individual events at the 2017 Czech Para Open Championships in Ostrava; on the concluding day of action, Saturday 9th September, it was one step higher for Croatia’s Helena Dretar as it was for the Polish duo of Kararzyna Marszal and Karolina Pek.

Meanwhile, for Andela Muzinic, also from Croatia, it was a repeat performance, a second gold.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor (Interviews by Francesca Bullock and Frantisek Zalewsky)

Two days earlier, Andela Muzinic had won the Women’s Class 3 title, in a group organised event, she had remained unbeaten to finish ahead of Helena Dretar; two days later, competing in Women’s Team Class 1-5, they joined forces to secure the top prize.

Furthermore, they emerged successful in style; they not surrender an individual match. First place in the initial phase group secured, at the semi-final stage they accounted for the combination of Great Britain’s Lucie Bouron and Chile’s Tamara Leonilli.

“I’m feeling pleased with this tournament. I feel that I’ve played some good table tennis here and that has been shown by my medal in the team event. There are definitely some positives coming through in my matches and some areas to take home and work on.” Lucie Bouron

A good start to the concluding day, a repeat success follow. In the group stage the Croatians had beaten the partnership of Slovenia’s Andreja Dolinar and Russia’s Ekaterina Popova by two matches to nil; in the final they did just the same.

Similarly, Katarzyna Marszal amd Karolina Pek showed no charity; competing in Women’s Team Class 6-10, they surrendered just one individual match as they progressed to victory in a group organised all-play-all event.

The one reverse was experienced by Katarzyna Marszal, who against Israel was beaten by Karmit Dor (11-3, 11-4, 11-3); the player who by the very narrowest of margins had overcame Karolina Pek once day earlier in the Women’s Singles Class 10 final (4-11, 12-10, 11-5, 9-11, 13-11).

“It’s third time I’ve played in Ostrava, I played in 2013 and 2016; I live in Krakow so it only takes two hours to drive here. Natalia Partyka is my great idol. We were together for last year’s Paralympic Games and it was awesome, especially to train with her. I will practise with her for the forthcoming European Championships. Also Lucjan Blaszcyk has been here as a coach; he is a Polish legend. I have had the opportunity to practise with him and travel with him to various tournaments. I really like working with him.” Karolina Pek

Eventually for Karmit Dor and her colleague, Anat Sagy Sierra it was to be third place in the competition; second position finished in the hands of the Japanese outfit who selected from Megumi Ishikawa, Yasuko Kudo and Tamano Suzuki.

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Photos: Frantisek Zalewsky

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