02 Sep 2017

Champion from the Under 21 Women's Singles World Tour Grand Finals, Hina Hayata, is up on Ask A Pro Anything with Adam Bobrow.

by Wade Townsend

World no.24 Hina Hayata sat down with Adam Bobrow for the Ask A Pro Anything challenge, and boy was it entertaining.

Hayata impresses with her impressions, and absolutely nails the dramatic stylings of Macaulay Culkin.

While one eagle eyed viewer noticed the studious Hayata had been doing her homework her right hand, the Japanese star explains why she isn’t always using her playing hand off the court.

Not only known for her table tennis skills, she has is a gold medallist in the funny face awards; not even Adam Bobrow can compete against Hayata’s face of clay.

And be sure to stay to the end to get a taste of Japanese humour, which may or may not get lost in translation.

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