01 Sep 2017

A total of ten students attended the recent landmark tenth ITTF/PTT Level One Course, organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme and in conjunction with USA Table Tennis, to be staged in New York.

Held from Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th August, under the direction of Sydney Christophe, the venue for the whole proceedings was the New York Indoor Sports Club.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably, three coaches ventured from Texas, their homes all facing the imminent danger of Hurricane Harvey.

“The course once again provided the opportunity for coaches at all levels and received a high grade for the Course Conductor’s knowledge and presentation. The venue also came in for high praise but participants felt that the pre-course information could have been better.” Sydney Christophe

Study the theory (left) and then watch video recordings (right) to enhance knowledge (Photos: courtesy of Sydney Christophe)


Furthermore, thanks very much to the efforts of Sydney Christophe, all students were highly motivated and eager to learn; all helping each other and thus producing a great feeling of camaraderie of the five day period.

Carolina Gonzalez, who travelled from San Antonio in Texas, was delighted, as were all other course members. She has the goal of starting a programme for young children in her area with the hope of opening her club one day .

“I’m really satisfied with the course. I feel I have learnt a lot, it was worth it.” Carolina Gonzalez

In addition, also from Texas, Justin Chen paid high praise as well as John Garrett who journeyed from Atlanta, Georgia.

Warm up (left) and then (right) put theory into practice (Photos: courtesy of Sydney Christophe)


A successful course and one that underlines the progress that has been made in recent times and has thus increased opportunities for the young and not so young to learn the basics and enjoying playing table tennis.

“In 2009, the ITTF sent Glenn Tepper to conduct the first Level One Coaches Course and Course Conductor Training in the United States. Approximately eight years later we have produced over 300 Level One Coaches. I am proud to say that New York has led the challenge to build a strong base for future development of the sport with currently over 60 Level One coaches.” Sydney Christophe

Importantly, most of the coaches expressed their desire to attend an ITTF Level Two Course in the not too distant future.

As always the Para element was a vital element (Photo: Sydney Christophe)
High Performance and Development Coaching Sydney Christophe