29 Aug 2017

Emphatic performances, the leading combinations on duty in the Women’s Team event at the 2017 Asian Para Championships in Beijing all ended the fourth day of action, Tuesday 29th August, unbeaten and very much in line for the top prize.

Notably, those who had secured gold at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games were on course for repeat success.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

China’s Li Qian and Xue, who had joined forces with Liu Jing to win Team Class 1-3 in Rio de Janeiro, were once again on course; only this time with a different colleague, in Beijing Yang Zhonghui completed the line-up.

One contest remains in the group all-play-all event and it is the engagement that will decide the title. The Chinese team faces Korea’s Yoon Jiyu, Seo Suyeon and Lee Migyu, Rio 2016 bronze medallists. Similar to the Chinese outfit, the Koreans remain unbeaten having not surrendered a single individual match.

Similarly in Class 4-5, administered on the group formula, Zhou Ying made a fine start to repeating her success of just under one year ago. At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, competing in the same event, she partnered Chinese colleagues, Zhang Bian and Gu Gai to gold. On home soil, in liaison with Zhang Miao and Gu Xiaodan it was the same, two fixtures completed, not a single match surrendered.

A fine start, in the same class, Korea’s Jung Younga and Kang Oejeong, bronze medallists in Rio de Janeiro; with Kim Mee Rang added to the team, followed the Chinese example, two matches played, two comprehensive wins.

Success for China in the wheelchair classes where matters were organised on a group all-play-all basis and are yet to be concluded, it was exactly the same in the standing category, Team Class 6-8.

The trio comprising Mao Jingdian, Wang Rui and Yu Hailian Churen remained unbeaten; moreover, in the category, they ended the day the only team unbeaten.

Most creditable performances from Chinese teams; in Class 9-10 where there were two groups in the initial stage, it was the same scenario. Selecting from Xiong Guiyan, Zhao Xiaojing and Hou Chunxiao, first place in the group was secured; in the corresponding group, top position was reserved by the Korean outfit comprising Kim Kunhea, Jung Jinmi and Lee Hwayoung.

Meanwhile in the one remaining event in the Women’s Team event, in Class 11, organised on a group basis, in the one fixture completed, Hong Kong’s Ng Mui Wui, Wong Ka Man and Wong Pui Kei recorded a two-nil win in opposition the Korean duo formed by Seo Yanghee and Sin Nahea.

Play in Beijing concludes on Wednesday 30th August.

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