30 Aug 2017

Finalists one day earlier when Zhan Dashun had caused a major surprise by beating colleague Cao Ningning, the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games gold medallist, to win the Men’s Singles Class 5 title; one day Zhan Dashun caused another upset, only this time alongside his previous day’s adversary.

Lining up alongside Liu Fu in Men’s Team Class 5, they recorded a two matches to nil win in opposition the top seeded Korean outfit formed by Kim Kiyoung, Kim Youngyoung and Park Jaeheon, duly ending the day unbeaten and thus a semi-final place reserved.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The consolation for the Koreans was that it was their only defeat and thus second place and progress to the main draw was secured; in all Para tournaments, teams finishing in first or second places advance to the knock-out phase.

“I knew my opponents, I have played against them before; my main tactic was to attack strongly after the service.” Zhan Dashun

A surprise first place, it was the same in the corresponding group. Thailand’s Wanchai Chaiwut and Jedsada Yodyangdeang finished in first place ahead of Iran’s Javad Fouladitarghi and Mahdi Rezazadehghowaghlow. Alas for Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yen-Hung, Lin Wen-Hsin and Lin Gow-Ching, the no.2 seeds, it was third spot and elimination.

Top place against expectations, in the Men’s Team event it was the same in Class 6-7, Hong Kong’s Lee Ming Yip, Chen Silu and Tong Chiyung finished in first place in their group ahead of Japan’s Masachika Inoue, Kazuya Kaneko and Junki Itai, the no.2 seeds.

Similarly in Class 10, there were problems for the second seeds but a reversal of fortunes for Japan; Chinese Taipei’s Lin Chun-Ting and Lee Yao-Tang had to settle for runners up position behind Nariaki Kakita and Naoya Nagashita.

“I felt uncomfortable today from my waist during the matches.” Lin Chun-Ting

Otherwise, it was a successful end to the fourth day of action for the leading outfits; especially for the top seeds.

Other than in Class 5, the leading teams in the wheelchair categories enjoyed success.  Korea’s Cha Sooyong, Joo Youngdae and Park Jincheol (Class 1-2) remained unbeaten as did China’s Feng Panfeng, Zhao Ping and Zhai Xiang (Class 3). Also from Korea, Kim Younggun, Kim Jungil and Lee Kyeonghun (Class 4) enjoyed a successful day.

Similar for the top seeds in the Men’s Team standing categories it was a day devoid of defeat with China predominant.

Yan Shuo, Liao Keli, Mu Kaiquan (Class 6-7) alongside Zhao Shuai, Ye Chao Qun, Peng Weinam (Class 8) completed the day without blemish, as did Lian Hao, Kong Weijie and Mao Shubo (Class 10).

“I felt nervous before the competition. I felt under pressure; I won today but I was not satisfied with my performance, I didn’t exploit the advantages to the full.” Mao Shubo

Also, there was a day without defeat for the top seeded Japanese outfit formed by Koyo Iwabuchi, Nobuyuki Suzuki and Arufuahirokazu (Class 9), as there was for Korea’s Kim Gitae, Son Byeong-Jun and Kim Changgi (Class 11).

Proceedings at the 2017 Asian Para Championships conclude on Wednesday 30th August.

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