15 Aug 2017

A town steeped in the history of Hungarian table tennis, Kiskunfelegyhaza was the home for a recent gathering of young European players.

Organised by the European Table Tennis Union in conjunction with the International Table Tennis Federation, proceedings commenced on Friday 11th August and are scheduled to conclude on Friday 18th August.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Named a pre-selection training came, one from which an elite group of players will be selected, the attendance in terms of numbers was most impressive.

A total of 54 player, 32 boys and 22 girls were present; many with their national coaches.

Proceedings were directed by Neven Cegnar, the Development Officer for the European Table Tennis Union.

Notably present from the city in a coaching role was Ferenc Karsai; in the early 1990s, he was the coach for the local club and a very successful club, Zolt Mezo Kiskunfelegyhaza. They competed in the Europe Club Cup of Champions, the forerunner of the European Champions League.

Later, of course, Ferenc Karsai moved to assume the role of Head Coach of the Austrian Table Tennis Federation; his claim to fame being that he guided Wener Schlager to Men’s Singles gold at the Liebherr 2003 World Championships.

In addition to Ferenc Karsai, Attila Halmai, Provas Mondal and Aleksey Yefremov were the principal coaches.

High Performance and Development Athletes Neven Cegnar Aleksey Yefremov Ferenc Karsai Provas Mondal Attila Halmai