02 Aug 2017

A full house, a total of 30 students, the maximum number accepted; such was the response for a recent ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course held in the Table Tennis Hall of Jinjang South Primary School in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Furthermore, there was a waiting list thanks to extensive promotion by the Kuala Lumpur Table Tennis Association. They organised matters under the guidance of the ITTF Development Programme and locally in conjunction with the National Sports Institute of Malaysia and the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Led by Christina Chee, in her position as Honorary Secretary of the Kuala Lumpur Table Tennis Association, proceedings commenced on Saturday 22nd July and concluded on to Wednesday 26th July, in area the city that has an influence from country’s name synonymous with success.

Jinjang is the largest of the “New Villages” and also known as the “Chinese New Villages”.

Notably, although a coaches’ course for teachers had been held in 2009 in the region; it was the first time the Kuala Lumpur Table Tennis Association had promoted such an initiative.

“I’m very new to table tennis, the science and demonstration of table tennis skills has given me a deeper understanding and awareness of how to play the sport. I would highly encourage others to take part as well.” Gladwin Jiann Singh, teacher at Stella Maris International School

Overall the group comprised 20 men and 10 women, the world of education being very much in evidence; ten men and eight women were teachers. Furthermore, ten of the members had travelled a distance of over 150 kilometres in order to be present.

“I hope all of them gained a strong basic knowledge of coaching from the practical sessions; not only to complete the 30 hours need to complete the full course but also when that period has passed.” Christina Chee

A comprehensive itinerary; as happens time and again, the Para sessions proved a highlight as Christina Chee explained and demonstrated the fundamentals of how to coach players with a disability. The students had the opportunity to play with the aid of a crutch as well as in a wheelchair, being able to experience a range of practices.

“My thanks to Mr. Kang Liang Hu, Deputy President Table Tennis Association of Kuala Lumpur, for presenting attendance certificates; also, special thanks to the National Sports Institute of Malaysia, Table Tennis Association of Malaysia and the ITTF Development Programme for their co-operation and supports.” Christina Chee

All except one student, who was awarded the Club Coach Certificate, met the necessary requirements.

Day Five: Jordan Junior and Cadet Open
Photos: courtesy of Christina Chee

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