25 Jul 2017

Knock knock. Who's there? It's the TATA Door trick shots! 

by Wade Townsend

ITTF and Pongfinity present the world’s best table tennis players in the TATA Door Trick Shot Challenge.

During the Leibherr 2017 World Championships the athletes weren’t just facing off to see who was champion of the world, but also vying for the rank of trick shot master.

Did you see the masters at work?

Don’t you just ‘adore’ Britt Eerland’s celebration as she surprises even herself?

Who else thinks they can bend it like Liam Pitchford?

Eagle eyed Omar Assar is jumping for joy as he conquers the challenge while Jung Youngsik has his opponent knocking on heaven’s door as he powers the ball home.

Checkout the compilation and comment below whose trick shot was your favourite. Then why not see if you can do better at home.

Liebherr 2017 World Championships Liam Pitchford Patrick Franziska Kristian Karlsson Britt Eerland