07 Feb 2018

An ITTF/PTT Level One Course completed in the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas, next on the agenda for Spain’s Ramon Ortega Montes, the Development Officer for the Latin American Table Tennis Union and always known as Moncho was a Course Conductors initiative.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme and supported by Global Sports Development, the two day agenda commenced on Friday 14th July.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Venue for the proceedings was the National Sports Institute.

Overall eight students enrolled, three being female, may members professional coaches; in addition to Caracas, the students travelled from Carabobo and Lara.

Notably present was Portugal’s Daniela Gomes, the Development, Education and Training Projects Officer.

Locally matters were organised by Francisco Seijas, for many years the Venezuelan national head coach; he organised ideal facilities for the course in order that both practical and theoretical work could be covered in a thorough fashion.

“It was hard, I worked really hard to prepare myself, first practising at home and also reading all documents that were sent in advance”. Daniela Gomes

“It was really hard to be five days on the Level One course, working so hard becoming so tired; then to have two days for course conductors. I´m very tired; I think I would have performed better if I had not been so tired”. Michel Garcia

“I saw that there are many things to prepare also on the administrative side.” Armando Condes

“There are many things to consider in a theoretical presentation; I had a topic on which I´ve never worked before, Para table tennis. I tried my best and prepared a power point presentation for my presentation”. Miguel Gonzalez

“I´m really busy with many projects at the moment; I must improve my computer knowledge.” Marco Herrera
“We wanted this course to try to prepare people from Venezuela to run courses and to develop a good base”. Francisco Seijas

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Photos: Courtesy of Ramon Ortega Montes

High Performance and Development Coaching Ramon Ortega Montes