11 Jul 2017

Chen Meng enthusiasts are in for a big treat after the Chinese star met with Adam Bobrow to answer fan questions in another highly entertaining edition of Ask A Pro Anything.

by Simon Daish

Featured heavily in the news recently following her triumphant campaign at the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour Australian Open, Chen Meng has been one of the most exciting competitors of the year so far but how would she celebrate if she were to one day achieve the ultimate dream and become World champion?

Would there be a similar reaction to Ma Long’s famous jump on the table celebration pulled off at the Qoros 2015 World Championships? While she hasn’t achieved that goal in her career yet, Chen Meng is pretty sure that she won’t be doing quite as much jumping when that day comes.

What do Chen Meng and Adam Bobrow have in common? It would appear quite a bit.

Not only do both the Chinese star and the ace commentator have an undeniable love for table tennis but both can also entertain on the dance floor, a scene which is well worth a watch!

Chen Meng didn’t appear to keen to show off her singing skills, but a persuasive Adam Bobrow managed to convince the 23-year-old to demonstrate her wonderful vocal ability. What do you think? Could Chen Meng be a pop star in the making?

Watch the video below to see Chen Meng answer fan questions on Ask A Pro Anything.

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